How To Get The Best Mortgage Interest Rate Today

Mortgage Interest Rate

When a lender gives you money to buy your first home, it is expected that to make money for this service. It does this by means of charging interest on the mortgage. if the interest rate is higher, your monthly payment will be higher hence the overall cost of the loans mortgage cost will be higher.

Identifying the best and satisfactory mortgage interest rate may be tough, however, it’s possible to manage. Here is, how the mortgage interest rate works better.

15 Years Fixed Mortgage rate
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Adjustable Fixed Mortgage Rate:

You have to be aware of either the rate of interest you’re quoted will remain the same or equal throughout the life of the mortgage. This kind of mortgage is known as Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM). It can also change over the period of time. It’s referred as Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).


Adjustable Rate Mortgage normally starts out lower than Fixed Rates Mortgage before adjusting to a better rate. How it depends on the mortgage once a year.

One thing you should have in mind that some risk involves with an adjustable rate mortgage because it’s difficult to expect the way interest goes over a long time.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage


However, if you don’t need to have a home for a long term, then low Adjustable Rate Mortgage Will be good for you. But, if you want to see the life of your loan, then go for the Fixed Rate Mortgage.

Mortgage Interest Rate – Margin & Index:

Mortgage interest rate consist of two elements:
• Margin
• Index

What is Margin?
The profit margin of the lender is the margin. Which can be negotiable and vary from one lender to another.

What is Index?
The index is the rate which is set by economic factors.

With an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), the margin remains fixed but the index changes.
With an FRM, both the margin and the index remain fixed.

Discount Points May Help:

Due to the discount points at the time of closing, you can lower your rate.
Buying 1 Point = 0.25% off the interest rate.

So, in case buying 1 point off a $200k mortgage loan with 3.5% interest rate. It means you just have to pay $2k for reduced rate of interest of 3.5%.

Before getting discount points, you must know how many months will it take to cover up what you paid for this. If it’s going to be 6 years you will lose all your money.

Mortgage Interest Rate Today

Prepayment penalty option:

A few lenders may additionally provide you a slightly lower mortgage interest rate for prepayment penalty agreement. The prepayment penalty is what it appears like: in case you pay off your loan too early, you have to pay a hefty rate.

If the prepayment penalty period is short, and you don’t plan on refinancing/selling, it is possibly well worth it. But if you are planning it to go longer, then it’s not worth it.
Get multiple quotes;

If you want to find the best mortgage interest rate, you have to find what competing lenders are offering in this regards. Get numerous quotes from different lenders. Make sure to get the estimated quote so that you may compare them.

Mortgage Interest Rate – Locking In

In case you’re going with a mortgage with a fixed-rate period, you have to determine when to lock in the mortgage interest rate. In this way, the lender ensures the rate for a certain number of days. longer the guarantee time takes it more costly.

Mortgage Interest Rate – Floating Down

A mortgage float down is a system that lets a borrower achieve a lower rate if the interest rate goes down when applying for a mortgage.
You can also use Float-Down option but, cost, conditions, terms vary from one lender to another.