Privacy Policy

Being a Realtor uses latest technologies to save the data of visitors that come to our website. The data that is collected is completely protected, and will never be exposed to a third party. There are number of security measures that we take to ensure the protection of your data.

Important Note:

When you visit our website, you are accepting our privacy policy.

What Data We Collect?

We collect the user information of the visitors of our website. This information may include name, gender, age, email address, or any necessary information.

Cookies that are placed on user’s browser are used for this purpose. The collected data helps us to determine website’s popularity and daily statistics.

How The Collected Data Is Utilized?

The data we collect is utilized for different reasons. If you use our ‘Contact Us’ page, then you need to provide the contact details, so that we can contact you for any query. If you are using the ‘Sign Up’ option, then you need to fill your information to validate your information.

We might provide the information collected by user to third party affiliates, keeping your gain in mind.

What If I Give My Particulars To Marketing Affiliates Of This Site?

Clicking the links of affiliates will redirect you to another website, and we are not responsible for this. We are also not responsible for your particulars being stored by other websites. Your data will be in control of other websites, and you will be visiting them at your own risk.

Is My Data Kept Safe?

We use different techniques, such as encryption, to keep your data safe. But the 100% protection of data is not guaranteed.  Your data might be vulnerable to malicious attacks and nothing can be done about it. However, we will make sure that everything is kept safe from our side. But still, there are no guarantees of 100% data protection.

What If I Get Newsletters From This Site Seeking Current Details

The newsletters are usually sent by the official websites. If you receive such letters/emails, do not respond to them. Inform us before getting into any kind of contact with them. It could be a fraud.

What If I Do Not Give Any Data That Confidential?

When you visit our website, you agree with our privacy policy. You may refrain from giving us the data that is confidential. But not filling all the required fields would leave you with enjoying only limited features of our website.

Notice Related To Online Advertising:

Different parties use our website for advertisement. These advertisements maybe about products, goods, and services etc. They may collect your data as well, and, as mentioned above, we are not responsible for any other site collecting your data.

Google Dart Cookies:

This third party vendor uses the DART cookies to serve the advertisement on our site. You can opt out, if you wish to avoid the DART cookies on your system.

Images On Our Website:

The images on our website are from different sources like Google, Flicker, Free Stock Photos etc. We try our best to give credit to the original image sources. If you see any copy right violation, kindly contact us by using our ‘Contact Us’ page. And we will make sure that the problem is resolved. We do not claim the copyrights of any image unless it is stated with the image.

We Have The Right To Change The Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy anytime without any prior notice. If you visit our website after the policy has been changes, it implies that you agree with our revised policy.