What Is a Reverse Mortgage? FREE Ultimate Guide For Reverse Mortgage

What Is A Reverse Mortgage

Many seniors in the later periods of their lives may well think of going for the term known as Reverse Mortgage. And for that kind of act, they will need some sort of assistance.

That help should be in the form of guidance regarding these baffling terms of the reverse mortgage and related ones. That service of guidance will benefit in this regard: –

  • Seniors will get known to the term of the reverse mortgage.
  • They will get an idea about its benefits and drawbacks.
  • They will get to a point where they will decide if it is a good thing or not.
  • It will help in making a statement if they want to adopt it or want to against it.

What is a Reverse Mortgage: An Overview

Before knowing what is reverse mortgage? You should know about forwarding mortgage or simply mortgage. This will help you understand the initial term with ease.

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Explaining mortgage, it is the type of loan which is to be paid in your life within a specific time, and you have to make monthly payments to lenders in order to get ownership of that thing, property or house, etc.

And now unlocking reverse mortgage, as it is a type of a loan which works exactly opposite to the fact of forwarding mortgage or simply mortgage.
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In this case, you are not liable to pay any sort of back payments to the lenders in your lifespan, excluding some exceptions such as:

  • He or she should over sixty-two years of age at least.
  • The borrower should own his house.
  • It should be the primary living place for the borrower.
  • He or she should have his all insurances and utility bills cleared.
  • He or she should be owning the house without or at least amount of left.

Age limit:

The first bearer to cross for a reverse mortgage is to have a certain age limit crossed which is of being 62 years or older, otherwise, you do not qualify for this kind of loan.

Owning the house:

The second hurdle is having your own house, otherwise, you will straight away disqualify for the loan. Being a lonely holder of the property will definitely help your cause.

Even if you share the ownership of property with someone, you can qualify for this loan until and unless the other owner also agrees to the loan.

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The primary place to stay:

You can only be selected for the loan if the place for which you want to have a reverse mortgage is the primary place of stay for you and your partner in case of dual ownership.

All the dues cleared:

Another step that is to be cleared before you can be eligible for this loan is having you all the dues cleared. You should not be the defaulter of any of the insurances and utility bills.

You are not going to pay this loan back in your lifetime, therefore, you should have a good credit so that the lenders can easily trust you for this kind of loan.

Any act of distastefulness can lead to some serious actions like you can be declared ineligible for this loan. This would not be a good thing for you.

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No or least mortgage left:

The last but not the least of obstacles between you and the reverse mortgage is of having no forward mortgage left on your property or house.

And if you still have some debt on your side it should be a minor one, such as it should not be more than of $50,000 on a property of dollar 200,000 with including all the interests.

After the proper explanation of reverse mortgage and its eligibility criteria here are some of the facts of it, which are to be considered before signing for a reverse mortgage.

Basic things are known:

Senior going for this loan should have some basic things in his or her knowledge before any major step like;

1: All the major and minor aspects of a reverse mortgage: –

  • How it works.
  • The interest of people in it in last 5 years.
  • The range of how much can be borrowed.

2:  Things to keep in mind after signing the contract.

  • Compulsory things to do after contract.
  • Fees for the reverse mortgage.
  • Options for withdrawing money.
  • The extent of government involvement in it.
  • Key benefits.
  • Final consequences.

Working on a reverse mortgage:

When you own a house on mortgage, you get it on an equity basis as the time progresses. And after a long time period, you fully own the house according to the market value at that time.

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Similarly, in this case, you get a loan on an equity basis, such as:

Firstly, you are given the loan on the equity base that the loan is given roundabout, to the actual market value of the house at the time of the reverse mortgage.

The extent of the loan also depends upon the type of credit you have; if you have a good credit score then the lender will confident of giving you a big loan.

Whereas, if you own a bad credit score then the lender will be hesitant in giving a big amount of loan. So, this can be helpful in some cases and disastrous in few cases.

Interest of people:

One should have a good knowledge of the recent statistics and survey results regarding reverse mortgage. That will help a great deal in making a crucial decision.

The interest of the people refers to the fact that how much an act is feasible and favorable for them considering the current circumstances. For example:

The following table shows the interest of the people they showed towards the reverse mortgage, over the years in last seven years.

Year Number of people
2010 72,983
2011 68,566
2012 52,883
2013 60,929
2014 52,715
2015 56,363
2016 48,732


From the upper table, it can be easily concluded that the people had shown some mixed behavior regarding reverse mortgage in last seven years.

If fewer people had attended it in one year, in very next year it is compensated by the aid of a lot of people. So, in a statement for making a decision is to be made it cannot be made lonely on this factor.

Limit regarding borrowing:

A fine limit has been established by the lenders for the borrowers for how much they can actually borrow after fulfilling all the criteria for a reverse mortgage.

It has been settled that a person opting for this kind of loan, will be benefited more and given more if he or she is eighty or more than eighty years of age.

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So, according to this settlement, it can be concluded that a person of less than eighty and more than sixty-two will be benefited less by this loan. These all ranges are established for those who do have a good credit score.

Things to be kept in mind:

Once you have signed the contract or even you have not signed it yet, just looking for the proper information you need to know some essential things, that will turn out to be very helpful:

Compulsory things to do:

After signing the agreement, you will now be eligible for the monthly payments of a loan from the lenders or financial bodies. They are bound to pay you on monthly basis.

Now with this monthly cash that you have got after contract that is all yours, you can do whatever you want to do but you have to do some compulsory things with that such as,

1: Firstly, you have to give all your monthly utility bills along with insurances and left mortgage if any. If you fail to do any part of the upper given terms,

then you will not stay eligible for any monthly payments and you might have to leave their property according to written in the agreement.

2: Secondly, the house or the property should your primary place of living. That is also a compulsion. Without this, you will not eligible for any more of the payments.

And if your primary place of stay changes then the contract finishes, ultimately you have to sell your house to give back all the payments of lender along with all the interests.

Even if you are not fit enough to live in your house, still you become ineligible for a reverse mortgage and your property is taken away.

Suppose you are attacked by some serious disease and you cannot recover from that while staying at your house, and you have to shift to a hospital for a longer period of time.

Still, the contract expires as commit against the breach of contract of living in your house, therefore you have to give away your home in that circumstance.

3: Thirdly, you need to stay alive to get all that payments from the lenders which can fulfill your dreams. Once you expire, all your property is not yours, it belongs to lender then.

Fees for the Contract:

There are three major types of a fee that is to be paid at the Inaugural of the reverse mortgage.

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Origination fee:

1: It is the type of fee that is to be paid at the very start of the contact and it ranges from twenty-five hundred USD ($2,500) to six thousand USD ($6,000).

Third party fee:

2: It is the type of fee that is paid to a third party if it is involved in making a bridge between lenders and borrower. It is never a certain one and usually a small amount that is to be given.

FHA fee:

3: The third and an obligatory fee that is to be paid while you go for a reverse mortgage is MIP, which is also known as Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium.

This fee is paid to FHA (Federal Housing Authority), and in all cases, it is 2 percent of the property value. This is the premium which pays for the protections FHA gives to borrowers.

Protections by FHA and role of government:

Being a government institute, federal housing authority plays a vital role in the cause of reverse mortgage, and are responsible for a healthy relationship between borrower and lender.

FHA provides you protection by giving you guarantee for the monthly payments that would be paid to you by the lenders as long as you do not do anything against the contract.

Over the life of reverse mortgage borrowers must continue to pay 0.5 percent MIP on the loan balance, annually. Interest will also accrue on the balance.

Cash withdrawal:

  • You can withdraw a lump sum of cash when the loan closes.
  • Receiving of monthly annuity for a time period till the borrower expires. This is called ‘tenure’ annuity.

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  • Receiving of payments for a fixed period of time. That is known as ‘term’ annuity.
  • Take out a credit line and this line will grow on as the time progresses. This is at borrower’s discretion.

Key benefits:

There many key benefits of reverse mortgage that can take your attention very easily. Those points are the one which makes a person to go for this loan, such as;

  • Those people who want some sort of regular monthly income to support their lifestyle and fulfill their basic requirements and offer some luxuriousness.

They might find this act as very helpful for this cause, as lenders will provide you with healthy monthly payments to help you out after your requirement.

  • Those who need home equity (HELOC) but does not qualify for it.
  • Elder people who will remain in their home for a long period and do not have any plans of shifting to another place. This term will help them a great deal.
  • At last, seniors who are looking at a reverse mortgage as their permanent way of income for a long period of time.

Final consequences:

Once you have signed the agreement of reverse mortgage, then there is no point of return because now, you have actually signed an agreement to give away your home.

Mental Strength:

Being mentally a strong person will only help you in these type of circumstances when it is very certain you have given your home away from that you had earned in your lifetime.

Big shock:

If you are not a strong man, you cannot survive this massive shock, you might fall a prey to some hazardous disease or ailment after knowing this dangerous reality.

That unnecessary burden and pressure that you had put on your self will be disastrous and it might cause end your time of life.

Good decision or Bad:

After knowing all of these benefits one can easily decide whether to go for this kind of loan or not. Some may refer this to a great idea and way of practical thinking.


But some may well consider it as a catastrophic notion that will lead to an unhappy and worst end to some one’s life. It is up to you that you want to consider it or not.

Bottom line:

Like everything in this world has two aspects two consider, similarly, reverse mortgage also has at least two faces;

1: First one is an impactful face of it which attracts a senior to its side showing him or her some impressing points of it, that might help in changing your life.

2: Second one is the most dangerous looking face because it might well attack you medically and make you a permanent member of hospital’s wards and a regular customer of the doctor.